What can I sell?

Over the years we have actively encouraged this event to be a traditional bootfair. You are more than welcome to attend our bootfair if you are clearing cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, attics, garages or the garden shed.

However, we do not allow any of the following to be sold.

- New goods
- Bankrupt or surplus stock (i.e. Retail closures)
- Fireworks
- Alcohol
- Tobacco
- Food or Drink (including Fruit/Vegetables)
- Firearms/Weapons
- Livestock
- Counterfeit goods such as CD's and DVD's. ('Legal backups' included).

If you are found selling any of these items or any other items deemed unsuitable by any member of our staff, you will be advised to leave the premises with no 'pitch' refund, and we will not hesitate to contact the Police and/or Trading Standards if necessary.

We openly enourage hand crafted goods - but please make a sign to state the fact that they are home-made.

NB: Anything that has been used which you no longer have a use for, or unwanted gifts (single items) are acceptable.

If you are unsure about anything, don't hesitate to 'contact us', or speak to a member of staff before entry to the bootfair.


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